Pavion’s Office Innovations: Fostering Collaboration and Engagement (Pavion’s Experience Center)

Pavion’s commitment to fostering connection and protection is evident in their latest office design, which features state-of-the-art technology solutions. This environment, created for the benefit of employees, is the product of collaborative efforts between Pavion and its esteemed partners.

The ethos at Pavion is centered around designing spaces that not only link individuals but also safeguard essential elements, all while encouraging innovative thinking. Kristina VanderBrink, the Southeast Regional Sales Director at Pavion, emphasizes the focus on Team, Clients, and Innovation in the development of the Pavion Raleigh office. “Our people are fundamental to our solutions, and we prioritize them in everything we do,” she states.

James Pigeon, an Account Executive at Pavion, outlines the unique aspects of Pavion’s new office, designed to inspire both staff and clients. The office welcomes visitors with a digital storytelling display and features collaborative centers equipped with Pavion’s cutting-edge lighting, sound, and AV technologies.

The office boasts interactive boards for collaborative brainstorming and seamless remote team integration. Pavion’s expertise in design and engineering is evident in the effective and dynamic workspace they’ve created.

A key component of Pavion’s audio-visual setup is the K-SCAPE K-ARRAY’S RAIL system. This versatile technology enhances productivity and ambiance, offering varied lighting options for different settings. The installation of 75 RAIL units ensures consistent sound and light coverage, while the integration of K-array Rumble subwoofers in select areas like the reception and Experience Center enriches the audio experience.

The office’s technological infrastructure extends beyond RAIL. LG video screens and Poly Studio 2-in-1 microphone and camera units are installed for clear communication and presentations. The Customer Experience Center, featuring a Jupiter wide-screen monitor and eight RAIL units with CASAMBI lighting control, is a showcase of Pavion’s extensive technology solutions.

Kristina VanderBrink comments on the intentionality behind the office design, noting that it not only facilitates diverse collaboration methods but also serves as a demonstration to clients of potential workspace solutions.

Pavion’s expertise in developing advanced technological solutions is a testament to their ability to transform workspaces into modern, efficient, and inspiring environments. By leveraging their expertise, partnerships, and dedication, Pavion helps clients enhance connectivity, secure assets, and boost innovation and productivity. They are committed to advancing workspace integration and bringing future-ready solutions to organizations.

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