Fire, Security and AV Integration for Government & Defense

Optimized Solutions for Governmental Excellence

Pavion stands at the forefront of delivering secure, reliable systems tailored for government operations. Our deep dive into the needs of local, state, and federal entities equips us with the expertise to craft solutions that not only meet but exceed compliance standards.

Exceeding Expectations in Government & Defense Compliance

With a proven track record in serving government and defense agencies, Pavion delivers solutions that are as robust as they are compliant. Our holistic approach ensures that every agency’s needs are met with precision and foresight.

Certified Expertise in Government Compliance

At Pavion, we pride ourselves on a team of cleared, certified professionals who bring unparalleled expertise to every project. Their deep understanding of government requirements ensures that we deliver solutions that are not just effective but also secure.

Utilizing Compliant Products

Pavion prioritizes the use of Trade Agreement Act (TAA) compliant products, ensuring that every solution we provide meets the stringent standards required by government agencies. Our commitment to compliance is unwavering.

Versatile Solutions for Diverse Government Contract Needs

From local initiatives to expansive federal projects, Pavion’s experience with diverse government contracts enables us to tackle any challenge with confidence. Our solutions are designed to be as versatile as the needs they address. Whether it’s a local command system or a national security project, our tailored solutions ensure success across the board.

Empowering Local and State Government Operations

At the heart of local and state government operations are the solutions provided by Pavion. Our innovative systems ensure that every aspect of government function is supported. From emergency response systems to comprehensive security measures, we ensure that government operations are maximized for efficiency and effectiveness.


Customized Solutions for Government Agencies

Our commitment to government agencies goes beyond mere service provision. We aim to create solutions that set new benchmarks for excellence. Pavion collaborates closely with government agencies to develop solutions that are not just effective but exemplary. Our custom approach ensures that every need is met with precision and innovation.




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Commercial Fire Alarm Company - Government



We offer top-of-the-line monitoring and alerting systems and services that protect your people and property from fire. We work hard to ensure that your life safety and fire systems are AHJ compliant.

  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Fire Alarm Mass Notifications Systems
  • BDA/DAS/ARCS First Responder Systems
  • UL and FDNY Certified Central Station Monitoring
  • Internet & Cellular Monitoring Services
  • Supervision Services
  • Test & Inspection Services
  • Subscription Services / aaS


We offer protection systems that help control not only who comes in and out of your property but also how they move throughout your buildings.

  • Access Control and Visitor Management Systems
  • Video Surveillance Systems, Analytics, Monitoring
  • Video & Intercom Entry Solutions
  • Access Control & Security Managed Services
  • Perimeter Defense & Intrusion Detection
  • Gun and Gunshot Detection
  • Turnstiles and Bollards
  • Central Station Monitoring
  • Maintenance, Management, and Subscription Services (aaS)


We offer integration systems that help keep your people connected while improving outcomes for your patients and your organization.

  • Command and Control Systems
  • Emergency Operations Centers
  • Conference Room Collaboration Systems
  • Audiovisual and Control Systems Optimized for Zoom/Teams/WebEx
  • Network and Communications Infrastructure, WiFi, DAS 
  • Room Scheduling, Room & Resource Management
  • Emergency Notification / Lockdown Systems
  • Synchronized Bell Schedules & Clock Systems
  • Mass Notification & Paging
  • Multi-zone Public Address and Professional Sound Systems
  • Management, Administration, Analytics & Active Monitoring
  • Maintenance, Management, and Subscription Services (aaS)

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Our Services

End-to-End Solutions for Government Agencies

Pavion’s lifecycle approach to government projects ensures that agencies are supported end-to-end. Our services are designed to adapt, providing protection and connectivity that evolves with your project’s needs.

From inception to completion, we ensure that every phase is supported and every challenge met with expertise.

Fire, Security and AV Systems for Faculty

Consulting & Design

From the onset of your project, we’ll be there to bring it to life. Our implementation services can help you from initial project requirements through programming and configuration.

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Fire, Security and AV Systems for Colleges

Proactive Monitoring & Management

We can keep an eye on your property even when you can’t. From video verification services to central station monitoring, our proactive monitoring services are designed to protect your people and property.

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Fire, Security and AV Systems for Classrooms

Maintenance & Subscription

Our maintenance and subscription services help ensure your systems run flawlessly and provide an opportunity to get the latest technology with low capital investment.

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Fire, Security and AV Systems for Classroom

IT Managed Services

Our IT managed services provide people, process, 
and cloud-based technology expertise within a proven managed services framework delivering results and developing long-term 
client trust.

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