Protecting Life. Accelerating Connection.

About Us

Connecting and Protecting

Pavion connects and protects by providing fire, security, and integration solutions to customers around the world. Pavion brings industry-leading experience to customers in the enterprise, healthcare, education, government, data center, and retail industries. The mission of Pavion is to bring clarity and transformation to safety, security, and communication through technology innovation and radical service. We’re committed to serving our customers, our people, and our communities.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Pavion, we know a diverse, equitable, and inclusive company has the power to connect and protect more people. So across our workforce and within our organization, we embrace diversity – of background, perspective, experience, and culture. As we go to work every day, we’re striving to build a strong foundation that allows everyone to have an equal opportunity while fostering a sense of community and inclusion.

See how Pavion Lives Up To Our Commitment to Inclusion in The Workplace

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Environmental, Social, and Governance

ESG is important to us and we’re constantly striving to be responsible corporate citizens.


Pavion is committed to embracing and improving the communities we live and work in. As part of that commitment, we’re taking steps to protect our environment by implementing sustainability measures and practices throughout our companies and in our design and building processes. The Three Pillars of ESG which are essential are People, Process, and Product.


Pavion is committed to always doing the right thing for our people and those we serve. We are committed to fostering a workplace where everyone can become their best selves. To that end, we value the diverse perspectives of our workforce and know that diversity is a key catalyst for innovation. At Pavion, we also know the importance of expanding our skill sets and developing our people. Our dedication to people includes the broader communities in which we live, work, and serve and is represented in the time we give back to our communities.


Pavion is committed to strong corporate governance practices, designed to fulfill our corporate responsibilities. Our integrity drives everything we do, and our Code of Ethics ensures that every employee, director, and officer acts in accordance with Pavion’s core values.

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Pavion is dedicated to a safe and healthy workplace for every employee. Therefore, safety and accident prevention are of great importance to us. That’s why we empower our employees, supervisors, and subcontractors to take steps to correct dangerous conditions by observing and reporting on the job. Safety is everyone’s job, but we’ve made it a full-time job at Pavion, with a full-time Safety Department responsible for establishing our safety policies, training, risk identification and mitigation, communication, compliance reporting, inspections, and incident investigation. To learn more about our dedication to safety on the job, connect with us.

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Our Culture

Our Promise

At Pavion, our culture is the reason why we’ve had success and stability in our
workforce – with some employees working with us for over 40 years.
We believe in our competitive advantage and stay true to our beliefs in everything we do.

Partnership that Progresses

Agility that Leads

Clarity that Accelerates

Protection for Life

Choose a promise
We believe in enduring partnerships, helping our customers stay connected to their goals by providing dynamic service and solutions to meet every need, no matter how those needs shift over time while understanding their overall growth projection.
Our partnership is based on agility, responding quickly to find the right solution for our customers. We have the capabilities and the people to help them navigate volatility in their industry while providing the leadership to keep moving forward.
Our strategic solutions and expert guidance give our customers a unique advantage – clarity. In our business, we help our customers navigate the complexities of systems integrations to produce better outcomes for their organizations.
People are at the heart of what we do, no matter the solution. We protect life – through data, infrastructure, physical security, and fire protection. Protecting life helps our customers’ organizations focus on their growth and innovation.

Our principles

Driven to Be Our Best

Customer First Icon

Customer First

People are at the center of our solutions. The customer relationship is our first priority because it’s where we make the greatest difference for the people we serve. We provide effortless customer experiences and superior service to empower customer achievement because we know that earning a customer’s trust takes a long time and only minutes to lose.

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One Team

Our competitive advantage is dependent on collaboration and teamwork. We have an abundance of talent and experience across our organization and constantly share insights and information to benefit the collective group. As one team, we roll up our sleeves and succeed together.

Community Icon


To us, community is more than where we live and work, but is what we leave behind. It’s about legacy – building something together that’s bigger than ourselves while making the world a better place than we found it. We strive to embrace and improve the communities we live and operate in so that we can be an industry leader, a cherished employer, and a trusted neighbor.

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We believe in the relentless pursuit of making our name mean something profound to the people we serve. Striving for excellence brings pride in workmanship and a sense of fulfillment to all of us.

Safety Icon


Safety is paramount because it impacts the lives of those who are part of our team and those we serve. We believe that a Zero Harm environment accelerates success and enables people to focus on things they do best without fear or apprehension.

Our Cultural Values

Guiding Our Actions


We say what we mean and do what we say. Character means everything.


We share in our success, and we never let one of us fail alone.


Diversity powers innovation, creativity, and prosperity. We will respect our differences.


We move quickly and never wait for perfection before acting to help a customer.


Our ability to react to customers’ demands with fluidity powers our advantage in service and relationships.


We simplify the challenge at hand to face it head-on with efficiency and focus.

Our People


Joe Oliveri

Joe Oliveri

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Meisner

Chief Financial Officer
Susan Post

Susan Post

Chief Strategy and Integration Officer
Dana Smith

Dana Smith

Chief Human Resources Officer
Alan Rosenkoff

Alan Rosenkoff

Chief Marketing Officer
Mark LaBua

Mark LaBua

Chief Information Officer

Todd Jackson

VP of Sales Ops
Sergio Katz

Sergio Katz

Vice President – Mergers & Acquisitions
Jim Muncey

Jim Muncey

President – Security Business Unit

Will Seifert

President – Integration Business Unit

Ralph DioGuardi

President – Firecom & Safeway

Mike Slattery

Vice President & General Manager – Fire Business Unit – AFA

Sean Devlin

General Counsel

Our Locations

Global Reach.
Local Service.

With over 70+ locations in the United States and serving 23 countries, Pavion continues to expand in order to connect and protect more customers around the world.