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Pavion Celebrates Women’s History Month

In March of 2023, Pavion launched a new podcast series in honor of Women’s History Month. Through this series, we reflect and learn about the women who shaped important aspects of our society and delivered technology innovations in our space.  We review their adversity, their drive, and their determination to overcome challenges, make impacts in the world, and celebrate the wins. We specifically recognize the women of Pavion, what they do in their day-to-day work life, and the strides they make every day to impact Pavion and our customers.

Our company is all about connecting and protecting people.  CSIO Susan Post and CFO Silvi Hernandez have developed a connected community of talented and strong women that help to propel our business forward and meet our objectives of delivering connection and protection to our customers and their people.

In this podcast series, you will hear from extremely talented, passionate, and inspirational women. While they are appreciated throughout the year at Pavion, we believe they absolutely deserve a month-long spotlight! Many don’t realize the contributions women have made to the fire, security, integration, operations, finance, and other aspects of our industry.  Throughout the series, Susan, Michelle, and other Pavion employees discuss how far women have progressed and look back at some of the inventions in use to this day.  It’s a very eye-opening and a great learning experience.

To kick off the first episode, Pavion podcast host Michelle Dawn Mooney speaks with Susan Post, Chief Strategy and Integration Officer (CSIO) of Pavion.

At Pavion, we are excited to bring inspiring women to light and demonstrate our appreciation for them. Susan Post is a figure in our organization highly respected and admired.

Reflecting on her background, Susan recalls a couple different times when individuals said she wasn’t a prime candidate because she “may or may not know how to calculate a battery calculation,” or “doesn’t have the sales experience to excel in that.”  Thankfully, there were also individuals that encouraged and gave her the confidence to succeed.

Susan has reached many great milestones throughout her career.  She always remembers to look back and pull forward, helping and inspiring others to achieve their goals.  Susan tells the story of being one of the few women among hundreds of men in meetings, securing positions not typically filled by women, and continually executing and driving success while pulling others forward along with her.  “We deserve a seat at the table, and at Pavion, women are given that opportunity and have a voice,” said Susan.

Overcoming challenges by working hard and staying true to herself is exactly what Susan did throughout the years. She built and maintained strong relationships, while staying accessible and being transparent.  Susan said, “Whether you work hard, are the brightest in the room, or have the best ideas… you need to be confident in who you are and have faith.” It’s important to recognize the women that set precedents before us, the women that are making achievements ahead of us, and the great contributions that happen every day.  We hope you enjoy this series and appreciate the women of Pavion as we do. 

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