Security System Monitoring

24/7 Security Monitoring and Fire Alarm Surveillance

24/7 Vigilance for Your Property

With Video Surveillance, Central Station & ON-X Proactive System Monitoring, Pavion stands at the forefront of providing comprehensive proactive monitoring and management services, ensuring the safety and security of organizations around the clock.

ON-X Advanced Proactive System Monitoring

Harnessing People, Processes, and Technology

ON-X Proactive System Monitoring provides state-of-the-art solutions for modern security needs, integrating people, processes, and technology. It safeguards systems and devices, ushering in a clearer, more secure era of intelligent security.

  • Integrated Approach: Harnesses people, processes, and technology for Proactive Monitoring
  • Enhanced Security: Able to protect systems and devices in the modern era
  • Cloud-Based Automation: Streamlines processes, anomaly detection and performance monitoring
  • Actionable Insights: Drives efficiency with comprehensible and actionable insights
  • Round-the-Clock Support:Dedicated technicians for reliable assistance 24/7

Contact Pavion today to explore how ON-X can transform your security infrastructure with comprehensive, cloud-based system monitoring. Get started on a path to unparalleled visibility and control.

ON-X is advanced proactive system monitoring

Central Station Monitoring

Watching your property 24/7.

Ensuring the security of your property is paramount, and our team of intervention specialists is dedicated to safeguarding against unauthorized access, fire, and intrusion . We provide 24/7 high-quality monitoring services to keep your property secure.

Enhanced Protection with Video Verification

Fast Response. Better Protection.

Utilizing cutting-edge AI technology in our CCTV systems, Pavion enhances your security with our video verification process. This allows for immediate detection and analysis of potential threats by our Intervention Specialists, who can intervene directly or alert authorities as needed. These professionals can provide live, talk-down audio to a customer site or notify the appropriate authorities if a response is needed.

Security System and Fire Alarm Monitoring Screens

Advanced Internet & Cellular Monitoring

Quicker, more accurate monitoring.

To ensure the most efficient and rapid response times, Pavion integrates advanced internet and cellular monitoring technologies, surpassing the limitations of traditional plain old telephone service lines (POTS).

This innovative approach guarantees that your building remains in continuous communication with our central monitoring station, sending updates every five minutes. In the event of an emergency or any irregularity, this seamless connectivity facilitates immediate action, significantly reducing response times compared to conventional POTS systems.

By leveraging the latest in IP and cellular communication, Pavion ensures your property is monitored with unmatched speed and precision, providing peace of mind and enhanced security around the clock.

Security System and Fire Alarm Monitoring Drawings

Proactive Patch & Vulnerability Management

Securing your data and infrastructure.

Pavion’s proactive service for patch and vulnerability management is crucial for protecting your organization’s data and infrastructure. By identifying, assessing, and addressing IT vulnerabilities meticulously, Pavion guarantees secure and operational systems.

  • Continuous Vulnerability Management: Identifying, assessing, and fixing IT vulnerabilities regularly.
  • Patch Management: Deploying compatible patches to tackle vulnerabilities promptly.
  • Automated Asset Identification: Tools to discover and categorize all IT assets.
  • Real-time Detection and Prioritization: Instant vulnerability detection and risk-based prioritization.

By leveraging real-time threat intelligence and automated systems, we provide a robust defense against potential cyber threats. The service includes real-time detection of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, automated asset identification, and prioritization of remediation efforts.

Dedicated Management, Administration, and Analytics

Working hard for you.

Trust Pavion for expertly managing your technology and infrastructure needs, enabling you to concentrate on what truly matters – your core business. Our dedicated team efficiently handles daily administrative tasks, conducts proactive monitoring to ensure maximum uptime and operational efficiency. Benefit from real-time analytics and detailed reporting, empowering you with valuable insights for well-informed decision-making.

Partner with us for seamless, reliable, and innovative IT solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

Fire Alarm Monitoring
Commercial Fire Alarm System Designs

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