Security System Monitoring

Security System and Fire Alarm Monitoring

Protecting You Around the Clock.

Pavion offers proactive monitoring and management services that help protect your organization, no matter the hour.

Security System and Fire Alarm Monitoring

Central Station Monitoring

Watching your property 24/7.

Protecting your property from harm is crucial, and our dedicated team of intervention specialists can help protect against unlawful entry, fire, and intrusion. Our team works around the clock to provide quality, reliable monitoring services to ensure your property is safe.

Video Verification

Fast Response. Better Protection.

Pavion’s video verification process helps keep your organization protected. By leveraging AI technology in CCTV hardware, our systems can detect people and objects and trigger real-time analysis from our Intervention Specialists. These professionals can provide live, talk-down audio to a customer site or notify the appropriate authorities if a response is needed.

Security System and Fire Alarm Monitoring Screens

Internet & Cellular Monitoring

Quicker, more accurate monitoring.

To provide the quickest response times, our central monitoring station needs to be able to communicate with your building. By utilizing internet and cellular monitoring instead of plain old telephone service lines (POTS), your building will ping the central monitoring station every five minutes. When something goes wrong, a fast response is crucial. IP and cellular systems communicate faster with our stations than POTS.

Security System and Fire Alarm Monitoring Drawings

Patch & Vulnerability

Securing your data and infrastructure.

Pavion provides patch and vulnerability management to help your organization proactively identify and mitigate IT vulnerabilities, including installing the necessary patches to ensure your software is running properly.

Security System and Fire Alarm Monitoring Data Center and Tech Room

Management, Administration, Analytics & Active Monitoring

Working hard for you.

Trust Pavion to manage your technology and your infrastructure for you. From day-to-day administration to proactive monitoring, Pavion resources work to ensure maximum uptime and operational effectiveness while providing real-time analytics and reporting.

Fire Alarm Monitoring
Commercial Fire Alarm System Designs

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