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Pavion Women’s History Month (Ep. 3)

In this episode of the Pavion Women’s History Month Podcast, we feature Robin Nishiyama, Pavion Integration BU Director of Healthcare/Education Solutions, Kristina VanderBrink, Pavion Integration BU Southeast Regional Sales Director at Pavion, and Susan Post, Pavion Chief Strategy and Integration Officer.

Robin has a long history with our company, 24 and a half years to be exact. Kristina is approaching her one year anniversary and is excited to see how the company has transformed in such a short time.

Robin doesn’t recall running into many obstacles based on gender in her professional career.  She said, “times have changed, and it isn’t the way it used to be,” when asked to speak on gender bias in construction.

Kristina has been in construction as a designer for 23 years. She advised that when she was involved in the design process she felt respected, but the second she walked into the job site, and she felt like she had to work hard to earn the right to be there.

Decision makers are changing and evolving.  Today, our team doesn’t feel the need to justify holding their place as a woman in the field. However, Kristina said, “It truly is an awesome challenge, being able to surprise people, and then generate results in the field.”

Susan expands on the team’s confidence by saying “We believe in our voice and we possess the knowledge of the business. In today’s world we approach situations with confidence and come to solutions collaboratively.”

Dr. Shirley Jackson is the inventor highlighted during this episode. Shirley Jackson was a huge contributor and inventor of telecommunications. Some of her developments include the portable fax, touch tone telephone, solar cells, fiber optic cables, and the technology behind caller ID and call waiting.

Telecommunications connect people, which is what we do as a company. Connecting people is important at Pavion. Technology and communication allow us to work from anywhere, and Robin talked on her love for technology, thanking Shirley Jackson. Per Robin, “Many customers are excited by changing technologies, and it is our job to change with our customers, as they change on how they want to connect with each other.”

Susan Post states, “At Pavion we describe our mission of protecting and connecting, and these connections are constantly evolving. The women of Pavion are excited to encourage other women to become a part of history.  Early on, seek out mentors to help guide you through your career, and when the time comes, make yourself available to be a mentor.  It makes all the difference.”

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