Pavion Reveals New Regional Office in Raleigh, NC

This special place shows Pavion’s dedication to Connect and Protect. It also showcases our modern technology solutions, made for our valued employees to have a great work environment. The project was a result of a collaboration between Pavion and our valued partners.

At Pavion, we believe in creating spaces that connect people, protect what matters most, and foster innovation. “In the creation and development of the Pavion Raleigh office, we concentrated on three key areas: Our Team, Our Clients, and Innovation,” says Kristina VanderBrink, the Southeast Regional Sales Director at Pavion. “We believe everything starts with our people – they are at the center of our solutions.”

We wanted to create a workspace that makes employees and customers imagine themselves in it. James Pigeon, Account Executive at Pavion describes the key technical features of Pavion’s new office. “When you enter, you’ll find a cozy welcome area where our digital signs tell you the story of Pavion. There is a center where people can work together and use our lighting, sound, and AV solutions.”

Pavion’s new office has interactive collaboration boards for brainstorming and workshops. It also allows remote connection to team members with just a button. The features, design and engineering our team at Pavion does allows for a very successful space to work.

pavion office headquarters

K-SCAPE K-ARRAY’S RAIL is the main part of our lighting and sound system at Pavion. It is great for different areas and has different lighting options. RAIL helps us work better during the day and creates a nice atmosphere for events at night. It is also cost-effective because it does many things in one device. That’s why we chose to use RAIL in our space.

In total, we installed 75 ceiling-hung RAIL units, forming the backbone of our entire system. They ensure even and consistent coverage of both sound and light throughout our diverse workspaces. RAIL isn’t just about audio distribution; it also contributes to the overall aesthetic of our office spaces, providing sleek and eye-catching lines of light that modernize the environment. The audio experience is further enhanced by the integration of four K-array Rumble subwoofers, strategically placed in areas like the reception and our Experience Center.

In addition to RAIL, we made thoughtful technology choices throughout the office. LG video screens grace each of our meeting rooms and personal office spaces, enabling crystal-clear collaboration during video calls and presentations. We opted for Poly Studio 2-in-1 microphone and camera units for their ease of use. However, it’s in our Customer Experience Center where the magic truly happens. This space is designed to showcase Pavion’s extensive technology solutions and includes a Jupiter wide-screen monitor. To create an immersive experience, we incorporated eight RAIL units with integrated CASAMBI lighting control, arranged in four ‘L-shapes’.

Kristina VanderBrink said, “When you walk through our space and you experience it, you’ll see different technologies that allow people to collaborate in different ways. Everything we did was intentional for how we work, but also to show our customers ways they can work too.”

Pavion’s expertise in creating advanced tech solutions in our office proves our abilities. We can help customers make their workspaces modern, efficient, and inspiring with our expertise, partnerships, and commitment. We help customers connect, protect their assets, and promote innovation and productivity through our holistic approach and ongoing support. Let us bring the future of workspace integration to your organization!

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