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Pavion Connects and Protects Upscale Virginia Apartments

Once Cortland Property Management purchased a premium residential building and then combined it with another property to create what is now known as the Cortland Rosslyn, our two companies started working together in April 2022. The goal of Cortland, a vertically integrated firm that invests in, develops, and manages multifamily properties, is to provide residents with exceptional apartment living experiences. Cortland operates more than 250 apartment communities and has direct or indirect investments in them.

Cortland Property Management owns and operates approximately 85,000 units across the United States. After purchasing two properties last year in Arlington, Virginia, coordination of the buildings’ access control and security systems was one of the first tasks Cortland Property Management undertook after. Cortland boosted security and the quality of life for their inhabitants by collaborating with Pavion to establish its own network and assure coordination between its access control and video surveillance systems.

Installing Brivo access control systems in both sites, which provide cloud-based access and allow Cortland to give mobile permits to residents, was one of the project’s essential components. “This is cutting-edge, since a lot of other developers are still using standard prox, cards and key fobs,” said Dan McKinney, Integration BU Account Executive. Residents can utilize their current iPhones and mobile credentials to access facilities thanks to this. Pavion also installed additional high-definition IP Avigilon video surveillance cameras throughout both facilities. The integrator was also on site during the building ownership cutover, setting up internal networks and showing the new IT team how to use and train staff on the Brivo system.

Cortland Rosslyn now has an ongoing relationship with Pavion for their future acquisitions moving forward, giving them the ability to deliver the same quality solutions to their acquired properties. Their expansion moves up and down the east coast through not only Virginia, but Florida and the Carolinas as well. Pavion is offering companies like Cortland Rosslyn more resources for support in fire, security, integration, and AV solutions with 40+ locations throughout the east coast.

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