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Importance of user experience when adopting new business technologies

For a broad spectrum of businesses, bringing on new technology is essential to survival, not only to ensure that their operations function more efficiently but to also remain strong competitors in their marketplaces. However, all too often what companies discover instead is that the technology they have onboarded isn’t an exact fit for their requirements, resulting in frustration for their staffs, less-than optimal results and underutilization of the very tool they were hoping would enhance their workflows and help propel their growth.

The reality is, in order to gain the most benefit from any advanced technology, it must be closely aligned to the business’s needs and how it actually functions. Its integration into that environment must be seamless. And—at least of equal, if not greater, importance—employees must receive the level of training and support necessary to create empowered users, confident enough to make full use of the technology’s capabilities.

Pavion created its User Experience (UX) team of professionals with the above in mind. Entirely focused on the customer experience and comprised of subject-matter experts in all of the fields we serve—healthcare, education, technology, government, corporate and retail sectors—they are trained to ensure that workflows and outcomes match your needs and vision.

The UX team will observe your workflows and current technology, identifying your requirements and assessing challenges and areas of concern in your infrastructure and processes. Then, the team will collaborate with you to discuss your goals and objectives for technology and process improvements.

Next, working in conjunction with Pavion’s certified design engineers, the team will develop an integrated solution tailored to your business. They will create a detailed project scope, along with a quality control checklist and integration drawings to provide a full picture of the proposed solution(s). Once approved, implementation begins under the direction of our certified project management team. Weekly integration updates, in-house build and fabrication and in-house shop testing are all part of this phase.

Pavion’s highly trained field technicians carry out the installation, programing, system optimization and final testing. But our relationship with you and your employees doesn’t end there. Instead, the UX team will deliver multi-platform training tailored to your workforce needs, also developing a change-management strategy that leaders and managers can follow, facilitating adoption throughout the organization. Additional resources include access to our engineering help desk and to our field service technicians.

By maximizing the value of technology through focusing on the user experience and putting people first, Pavion’s UX team’s scalable solutions transform any environment into one that achieves greater efficiencies, higher productivity and measurable improvements, helping you attain a robust return on your technology investment in the process. (Call to action here)

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