HID Security Issue Communication

We are writing to let you know that HID has informed us of a few security issues related to their products that we feel you need to be made aware of.  A brief summary of the discovered issues as well as their corresponding remediations is listed below.  We have also attached a whitepaper that delves deeper into the issues and provides further guidance.  We recognize that some of the issues and terminology may seem complex, and unfortunately there isn’t an easy way to simplify given the nature of all the variables at play.  However, Pavion remains committed to helping you navigate these issues with clarity. 

We do recommend conducting a full security assessment to understand the scope of the potential vulnerability. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or would like to begin working on a potential mitigation plan.

Downloadable Documents:

Whitepaper – Safeguarding Against Legacy Technology

HID Issue and Remediation

HID Product Security Advisories

For a Glossary of Terms highlighted in the above article, please find link below:

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