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Gunshot Detection Technology

Gunshot Detection Technology

The need for a system that detects the presence and location of gunfire or other weapon fire in public buildings and businesses has increased dramatically in recent years.  A gunshot detection system can determine the location of gunfire using a combination of acoustic, vibration, optical, or other kinds of sensors.

These systems have been adapted for law enforcement operations to provide gunshot detection over a large area to an accuracy within a few feet.  Many systems can be implemented indoors or outdoors. Urban systems can incorporate a geographic information system, allowing the display to show each incident’s address and position on a map. Systems for detecting gunshots inside properties can use detailed floor layouts with a detector location overlay to show where the shooters are.

Most gunshot detection systems are composed of:

  • A geographically dispersed arrangement of microphones or sensors such as accelerometers or infrared detectors
  • A processing unit
  • A user-interface that can display alerts

These systems can be installed in government offices, schools, and businesses to identify the source and direction of gunfire, and the type of weapon fired. It’s important to have technology that will alert first responders to shooting instances as they occur, providing them with critical information prior to their arrival on the scene. Gunshot detection technology also can record evidence of the incident which can assist with the forensic analysis by law enforcement.

Gunshot Detection is one of the many layers of security we design and deliver at Pavion, per our mission to Connect and Protect. Part of our physical security solutions is Gunshot Detection with our primary focus of layering securing solutions, which aid in the detection of firearms and ultimately help in the safety of building occupants.

Having gunshot detection technology on your property can help save lives and deter crime. The ability of this technology to detect the sound of a gunshot, transmit messages to law enforcement, and display alerts on the user-interface can help make your property safer.

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