healthcare technology week celebrated by pavion

Celebrating Healthcare Technology Management Week!

During this year’s Healthcare Technology Management Week (HTM), we’d like to recognize the critical role played by professionals in managing and maintaining medical technology. HTM professionals help to purchase, repair, and maintain the safety and operations of healthcare equipment and we are proud to celebrate the amazing work done by the talented and passionate professionals in this field.

The management and maintenance of healthcare technology are critical to patient care. With the right equipment and healthcare services, care providers can deliver a positive care experience and keep all patients, families and all healthcare professionals connected and protected.

From arrival to departure, technology continues to transform the way healthcare organizations deliver care and manage operations for their patients and staff. Access control and visitor management, along with closed-circuit television, help monitor and direct employee and visitor flow around healthcare facilities. With Nurse Call Systems and specialty accessories, technology helps to ensure patients get the care and services they need at the time they are needed.

Innovative technologies like Patient Wandering Protection Systems also make the job of patient safety easier for medical staff, caregivers, and nurses. Now healthcare facilities and staff have security mechanisms in place to provide a full range of care services to stay connected with patients and the elderly. This helps to protect facilities from liability while at the same time, giving family members the peace of mind that comes from knowing their loved ones are in a safe environment.

Within the healthcare industry, HTM professionals play a crucial role in fostering innovation. Healthcare Technology Management Week encourages collaboration between HTM professionals, healthcare organizations, and technology manufacturers. This collaboration helps address the challenges faced by HTM professionals and drives continuous improvement in healthcare technology management. As we celebrate HTM Week, let us acknowledge the invaluable work of HTM professionals and continue to support their efforts in transforming healthcare!

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