AFA Protective Systems, a Pavion Company, Delivers Comprehensive Fire and Life Safety Solutions for Newmark

Newmark, a global leader in real estate advisory services with a presence in nearly every major city worldwide, relies on dynamic and flexible partners to provide comprehensive property management solutions. As Anthony Venezia, Property Manager at Newmark, acknowledges, “In my line of work, you need a go-to company that you can become a partner with, not just a vendor relationship, but a vendor partnership.”

Newmark has been involved in several renovation and modernization projects, and AFA Protective Systems, a Pavion Company, has been a reliable partner in ensuring the safety and security of these properties.

“We’ve been very fortunate because AFA was one of the few vendor partners that we have that we kept and didn’t look to go out and rebid the services.” This trust in AFA’s capabilities reflects the confidence that Newmark places in its vendor partnership.

Venezia further notes that “a majority of the prospective tenants who walk through the space really are keen on security, life safety, and the fact that I’m able to say AFA is our vendor partner makes my job a lot easier because it’s almost like we are able to sell the building and sell the space knowing that quality partners like AFA are on site and maintain this beautiful building.”

Anthony Venezia emphasizes the importance of building a partnership rather than a traditional vendor relationship. AFA Protective Systems has been an ideal partner for Newmark due to its ability to scale up its services beyond fire life safety to meet the unique needs of commercial real estate operators. AFA’s commitment to a strong partnership has led to the delivery of added value services that set them apart in the industry.

AFA’s ability to provide a wide range of fire and life safety services aligns perfectly with Newmark’s diverse property management needs. This comprehensive approach streamlines the process and reduces the need to engage multiple vendors. AFA understands the evolving nature of the real estate industry and works collaboratively to address unique challenges.

The partnership between Newmark and AFA Protective Systems is a testament to the success that can be achieved when a vendor becomes a true partner. AFA’s ability to provide comprehensive fire and life safety solutions, coupled with their adaptability and commitment to compliance, has made them an invaluable asset in Newmark’s property management portfolio.

The successful collaboration between these two organizations underscores the importance of choosing the right partners in the commercial real estate industry and highlights the added value that AFA brings to the table.

Venezia concluded with, “AFA like Newmark, global leader in the industry, they provide best in class services we were very fortunate to partner with them to accomplish this wonderful repositioning of this beautiful building. With their help the project wasn’t only on time and on budget, but it really presented a Class A fit for any future tenant.”

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