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Pavion flawlessly upgrades your Honeywell Notifier system with state-of-the-art technology

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Pavion: The Industry Leader in Honeywell Fire Panel Upgrades

Upgrade to the latest Notifier system and experience Pavion’s unmatched expertise in fire panel upgrades and protection!

Advanced Panel Upgrades

Upgrade your Notifier system with Honeywell’s intelligent fire alarm control panel, the AFP-3030.

Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS)

CLSS is a cloud platform enabling integrators and managers to enhance fire safety and optimize Honeywell’s detection and alarm systems, and comes bundled with the AFP-3030+.

Scalable Solutions

The Onyx AFP-3030 features a flexible and scalable architecture, making it ideal for virtually any application, including large-scale networked facilities.

Maintenance & Monitoring

Pavion ensures your panel is operational and up to date with our professional monitoring services.

Pavion Expertise

Advanced Fire Safety with AFP-3030 & Pavion

The AFP-3030 supports up to 3,180 intelligent addressable devices per panel and can network up to 200 nodes. It offers voice channels, annunciators, networking, and advanced detection for challenging environments. Installed by Pavion, it seamlessly integrates with building management systems through NOTI•FIRE•NET™ options like Bacnet, Modbus, and OnyxWorks.

Intelligent Sensing

Advanced Detection Features, Installed by Pavion

Pavion ensures optimal performance of the AFP-3030 with expert installation and calibration, providing superior fire safety.


Key Features:
  • Drift Compensation and Smoothing remove transient noise signals.
  • Maintenance Warnings indicate and detail compromised detector performance.
  • Sensitivity Adjustments allow for nine sensitivity levels for alarms to be set manually or automatically.
  • Self-Optimizing Pre-Alarm enable detectors to learn their environment and set pre-alarm levels.
  • Co-operative Multi Detector Sensing  lets a sensor use readings from nearby sensors, eliminating false alarms.

With Pavion’s professional installation, the AFP-3030 delivers reliable and efficient fire safety solutions.


Leverage Your Investment in Existing Infrastructure

Pavion’s professionals provide cost-saving innovations to leverage existing infrastructure. The Notifier Onyx AFP-3030 is designed to be backward compatible with Notifier AFP-2800 systems, making it the ideal FACP for replacements or extensions. Pavion can also help determine your eligibility for the Notifier ONYX Life Cycle Replacement program to assess your existing AFP-2800 system, develop an upgrade strategy, and modularize the upgrade to minimize operational disruption.

Fast & Efficient

Streamlined Testing with ONYX AFP-3030

  • The “one-man walk test” activates system devices to verify proper functionality while reducing test time by 60%.
  • The Alarm Test allows engineers to check cause and effect without physically activating hard-to-reach devices.
  • Notifier FlashScan detectors also perform automatic tests every 24 hours to ensure proper communication and operation between the control panel and devices.

Pavion Expertise

Peace of Mind With the Latest in Fire Safety

Pavion helps you update and maintain your fire safety systems with the latest software and hardware, including the latest Notifier fire panels, detection devices, sensors and interface modules. Partner with Pavion help you enhance safety, maintain business continuity, and ensure quick, real-time responses to incidents.

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We partner with leading brands, synonymous with quality and innovation. Our diverse product range meets varied client needs, ensuring effective solutions. These partnerships underline our commitment to high-quality security products.

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Comprehensive Monitoring Services

A fire alarm system is only as effective as its monitoring capabilities. Pavion offers comprehensive fire alarm monitoring services, 24/7, 365 days a year. In the event of an alarm, our monitoring center immediately alerts the appropriate authorities, expediting response times and minimizing potential damage.

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