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Pavion is the most experienced fire alarm company, and we know the ins and outs of fire alarm systems.

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How we work

Exceptional Knowledge & Service

We bring industry-leading knowledge of fire alarm systems and best-in-class customer service to every job. With multiple members of our team advising the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and many technicians operating at the highest certification levels, we pair our expertise with a collaborative approach to develop the best protective solution for you.

Our Experience

Unmatched Industry Expertise

Our team has a long history of fire alarm system installation, maintenance, and inspection. In fact, our technicians have a vast industry knowledge and have worked on all of the leading fire protection manufacturers’ systems. That means we can understand your current systems and build a comprehensive plan for your needs.

Engineer check generator pump controller for water sprinkler piping and fire protection system

Custom Fire Alarm Solutions

Better Solutions, Better Resources

We offer a range of systems and technologies to support requirements of large high rise buildings to small enterprise. No matter how simple or complex your fire alarm system may be, our robust solutions are available to keep your building and personnel well protected. With hundreds of technicians and field operators, we provide better response and quicker completion than our competitors.

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Fire Alarm Services

Ensuring a safe, compliant system

We offer design and engineering services to ensure your solution is AHJ compliant and keeps contents and people safe and protected. Once installed, our Fire Alarm Techs provide ongoing test and inspection and break fix services with our own central station monitoring capabilities.

Our Fire Alarm Services include:

  • Plan Submittals
  • Budget & Planning Services
  • Expediting Services
  • System Installation
  • System Integration
  • Test & Inspection
  • Maintenance Services
  • Central Station Monitoring
  • Code Approvals
Security Monitoring
Security Panel

The Best Equipment

Offering Cutting Edge Products

We offer the following fire alarm and life safety solutions:

Control panel and interfaces

When there’s an emergency, a control panel alerts your people to danger. Addressable control panels can pinpoint exactly where the issue is and report back, and some can even alert the fire department when an issue is detected.

Conventional notification appliances

From horns to strobes and speakers, our conventional notification appliances provide synchronized alerts for fire and other emergencies.

Addressable notification appliances

With technology that helps pinpoint exactly where the fire or emergency is located, our addressable notification appliances help ensure orderly evacuations during an emergency.

Conventional and addressable speakers

Conventional speakers clearly deliver your message building occupants during an emergency, while addressable speakers provide pinpoint message delivery and higher-quality output for enhanced emergency response.


Annunciators help to indicate the current fire status of each floor in your building.

Smoke detectors

Whether your organization needs ionization or photoelectric smoke detection or both, our smoke detector offerings help provide a suitable system for your needs.

Carbon monoxide detectors

Keep your people protected from carbon monoxide, an odorless, colorless gas.

Pull stations & call points

These devices allow manual triggering of fire alarm systems, and provide additional safeguards for fire and life safety systems.


Monitor modules help your fire alarm system receive signals from input devices, such as heat and flame detectors, pull stations, waterflow devices , and more.

Commercial Fire Alarm System Designs

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