Pavion Holiday Spirit

Pavion Holiday Spirit

Festive spirit swept through Pavion’s offices this season, marking a time of collective joy and warmth. Initiatives like the Toys for Tots drive in Chantilly, VA, showcased Pavion’s commitment to giving back. An online toy drive welcomed contributions from various locations, transcending physical boundaries to spread joy further.

National Ugly Sweater Day saw offices from all across the country enthusiastically participating.  Check out our collage featuring photos from REECE Oregon, Security Source Louisville, RFI San Jose, Structure Works Whippany, AFA Tampa, AFA Mount Laurel, Structure Works Vermont, Pavion Chantilly, Firecom NYC, and even employees virtually at home!

The attire choices were as varied as the locations themselves! While some wore classic Christmas costumes and others rocked the ‘ugly sweater’ trend, the warmer climate offices brought a tropical twist, showcasing their holiday spirit through vibrant tropical shirts. The diversity of expressions showed the melting pot of cultures and personalities that define Pavion.

Whether through luncheons that brought colleagues closer, in-person get-togethers, or digital meetups that transcended geographical barriers, the emphasis was on fostering stronger bonds and a sense of togetherness. These moments of shared joy and laughter underlined Pavion’s commitment to creating a work culture that thrives on collaboration, unity, and diversity.

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