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Pavion culture

At Pavion we don’t just say “our people are our greatest asset” we put action behind those words, creating a culture that intentionally fosters engagement, inclusion and diversity. These comprise pillars behind our success and are why we’ve been able to maintain such stability in our workforce—some employees have been with us for over 40 years—even as other companies struggle to retain workers. This has enabled Pavion to deliver a consistently outstanding customer experience regardless of any outside challenges.

Our diversity, achieved through seamlessly bringing together multiple acquisitions under one umbrella, has been one of our biggest strengths, generating an unrivaled depth of knowledge, expertise and range of experience. Comprised of industry- and-manufacturer-certified engineers, certified programmers, project managers, designers, technicians, workforce optimization specialists, electrical engineers, central station monitors and dedicated support staff, we have a nearly limitless pool of talent and perspectives to tap into and utilize.

We’ve built an environment of engagement and appreciation, where saying “thanks” and acknowledging contributions is the norm. We encourage employees to grow by stepping into unfamiliar territory, taking on new projects or roles, without fear of making a mistake or having a setback. We want people to feel comfortable learning by doing, becoming more self-directed and decisive, expanding their skill sets, fueling our company’s growth in the process.

And although we are currently over 2000 employees strong (and counting), we keep our staff included through communication strategies that make them feel part of a larger whole, ensuring that everyone stays informed and on the same page. As a result, despite our diversity, every employee is driven by the same unifying vision: connecting and protecting our customer while accelerating their transformation.

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