Introducing Pavion ON-X: Proactive System Monitoring
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Introducing Pavion ON-X: Proactive System Monitoring

Introducing Pavion ON-X

Safeguarding assets, personnel, and critical information is critical for organizations of all sizes. With the increasing reliance on electronic security systems and IoT devices, ensuring the reliability and efficiency of these systems has become a challenge. Recognizing this need, Pavion proudly announces the launch of Pavion ON-X.

Pavion ON-X is a service offering designed to proactively monitor electronic security infrastructure and IoT devices, thereby increasing system reliability, performance, and cyber resilience for large enterprise and midmarket customers. With the ever-evolving security landscape presenting new threats daily, ON-X provides continuous monitoring and proactive maintenance to minimize vulnerabilities and ensure optimal system functionality.

Key Components of Pavion ON-X

  • Advanced Platform: The heart of Pavion ON-X is its sophisticated cloud monitoring platform powered by advanced analytics. This platform offers real-time insights into the health and performance of electronic security and IoT components. By identifying critical vulnerabilities such as video recording failures, offline cameras, and outdated firmware, Pavion personnel can take remedial action remotely or dispatch technicians when necessary.
  • Expert Personnel: Pavion ON-X boasts a team of seasoned security professionals overseeing the monitoring and management of security infrastructure. Leveraging the expertise of Pavion ION24/7 IT Services Resources, customers benefit from comprehensive support in IT infrastructure, cyber security, and managed services. Geo-redundant Security Operations Centers (SOCs) ensure round-the-clock monitoring of security infrastructure.
  • Streamlined Processes: Drawing on decades of experience supporting mission-critical security and IT systems, Pavion has developed standardized processes and protocols for incident response, maintenance, and system optimization. These streamlined processes ensure that security operations run smoothly and effectively.
  • Proactive Health Monitoring and Reporting: Pavion ON-X offers proactive health monitoring and comprehensive reporting, including predictive analytics and automated diagnostics, to identify and address potential issues before they occur. Detailed reports provide performance metrics, enabling informed decision-making and resource allocation.

Pavion CEO, Joe Oliveri emphasizes that Pavion ON-X redefines electronic security system health monitoring by offering a comprehensive service that supports multi-vendor physical security, IoT, and IT technologies. Developed by Pavion Product Management, Service Management, and the ION247 MSP business, ON-X combines the expertise of electronic security, cyber security, and IT infrastructure resources into one innovative service offering for customers.

Pavion ON-X is available now and can seamlessly integrate into existing security infrastructure, offering a comprehensive solution for ensuring the reliability and efficiency of electronic security systems. With its proactive system monitoring and maintenance approach, Pavion ON-X sets a new standard for proactive security solutions in today’s digital age. Contact Pavion today to learn how ON-X can safeguard your organization’s security infrastructure. For more information about Pavion ON-X, read our press release here: PRESS RELEASE

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