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Alan Rosenkoff Promoted to Pavion Chief Marketing Officer

We are pleased to announce the promotion of Alan Rosenkoff to the position of Chief Marketing Officer at Pavion.  Since joining the company in 2017, Alan has consistently demonstrated his exceptional abilities, making a significant impact on Pavion’s success.  We are privileged to have him lead our communications and marketing efforts, as he drives our mission to accelerate growth, enhance our customers’ Pavion Experience, and continue to create value for our shareholders.

Our Pavion journey took a transformative turn when Wind Point Partners acquired CTSI, propelling us into a phase of strong growth.  During this period, Alan played a pivotal role in shaping the future of our organization.  He worked tirelessly to develop a new company name, visual identity, culture flag, website, and social media platforms to support a powerful brand that we now proudly represent as Pavion.  His unwavering vision to communicate our brand and value proposition with simple and clear language resonates deeply with our promise to customers: Protect Life and Accelerate Connections.  Alan has positioned Pavion as a trusted partner in delivering innovative solutions that meet our customers’ fire, security, and integration needs.

Furthermore, Alan and his team have been instrumental in seamlessly integrating our newly acquired legacy brands into Pavion.  Using an advanced co-branded migration strategy, we introduce Pavion to new and existing customers, while respecting the legacy and brand equity of our acquired companies. Through his leadership and hard work, his team not only launched new digital marketing platforms and tools, but also elevated customer engagement, increased qualified lead volumes and opportunity conversions, and strengthened internal and external communication channels. In a fast-paced growth environment such as Pavion, internal and external communications are critical.  To enhance our ability to communicate effectively, he launched and continues to manage a variety of tools including; our internal EmployeeConnect internet site and monthly newsletter, ClearTalk video podcast series, and other internal communications channels. These efforts have been crucial in supporting our growth initiatives and reinforcing Pavion’s position as a market leader. His ability to drive innovation is evident in the successful introduction and scaling of our Pavion Subscription Services offer, expanding our solution portfolio to meet the evolving demands of our customers.

Alan’s depth of understanding of our business, customers, technology, and services uniquely positions him for continued success in his new role as Chief Marketing Officer. He is supported by a highly talented team consisting of Lexus Torres, who serves as our Integration Marketing Specialist & Corporate Marketing Lead; Josh Taylor, our Security Marketing & Subscription Specialist; Nicole Bologna, our Fire Marketing Specialist & Content Writer; and our newest addition, Cedric Harris, who joins us as Pavion Marketing Director.

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