The partnership between LiveView Technologies (LVT) and Pavion integrates LVT’s mobile, solar-powered surveillance systems with Pavion’s security services, enhancing safety across various industries. This collaboration provides flexible, real-time monitoring and increases responsiveness to security needs in remote locations.

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World-Class Surveillance Tailored to Your Specific Needs

LiveView Technologies (LVT) has formed a strategic partnership with Pavion to revolutionize physical security through advanced surveillance solutions. Together, they offer an innovative, off-the-grid security system that can be deployed quickly and efficiently in any location, providing enhanced security monitoring in minutes. This seamless integration allows users alongside Pavion to maintain vigilant surveillance over remote or challenging sites, ensuring robust security coverage without geographical constraints. This partnership sets a new benchmark in the security industry, delivering dependable and flexible surveillance solutions tailored to meet diverse security needs.

Radiply Deployed

Secure any location effortlessly with our portable security trailers and camera mounts. Setting up an LVT unit is quick, requiring only minutes, not days. Once installed, you gain immediate access to live surveillance feeds via the LVT Platform, enabling constant monitoring and enhanced safety.

LVT Live Unit

Capabilities and Functions

Based on your specific needs, we will customize a live surveillance unit equipped with advanced features like intrusion detection, line crossing, human and vehicle recognition, IR and thermal illumination, and 24/7 recording capabilities. The unit offers self-diagnosing and healing functions, adaptable SIM card cellular connectivity, remote device management, and talk-through communication. Enhanced with floodlights, strobe lights, and industry-leading uptime, it ensures robust security. All data is stored locally on an SSD for optimal performance and reliability.

LVT Software

The LVT Platform is a cloud-based video management system that pairs with every LVT Unit, providing a secure and organized solution for livestreaming and video archiving without costly IT infrastructure. Features include real-time control of speakers, floodlights, and strobe lights, along with video preset controls, zoom, and picture options. Users can manage multiple units efficiently, download and share videos, and quickly locate specific units using a search bar or map interface, selecting desired camera feeds with ease.

Customer Metrics and Wins

  • 66% Reduction in Shoplifting Events
  • 70% Reduction in parking Lot Incidents
  • 66% Decrease in Internal and External Shrink
  • $4M in Savings After Preventing Illegal Dumping
  • 86% Decrease in Dollar Value of Shoplifting Events
  • 50% Reductionof Inappropriate Behavior, Trespassing, Drunk on Premisis and Other Events
  • Assisted in the Arrest of a Serial Killer
  • 62% Reduction in Violent Crime

Partnered Brands

We partner with leading brands, synonymous with quality and innovation. Our diverse product range meets varied client needs, ensuring effective solutions. These partnerships underline our commitment to high-quality security products.

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