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Commercial Electronic Security Systems & Services

Protect Your Property and Your People

Our electronic security solutions help protect what’s important. With our capabilities, you’ll ensure the right people can access your buildings while keeping the wrong people out

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How we work

Exceptional Knowledge & Service

We bring industry-leading knowledge of electronic security systems and best-in-class customer service to every job. Many members of our team have earned the highest certifications in the field, and we combine our expertise with a collaborative approach to develop the best protective solution for you.

Our Experience

Unmatched Industry Experience

Our team has a long history of protecting against all kinds of security breaches. We’ve worked to secure all types of buildings, so we can quickly understand your current systems and build a comprehensive protection plan.

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Custom Protection For Your Organization

Better Solutions, Better Resources

We offer a range of systems and technologies to support your organization’s unique requirements. No matter how simple or complex your organization’s security need is, our solutions can keep you protected.

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Electronic Security Offerings

Protecting Your Organization

Access control systems

Managing who has access to your buildings is critical to protecting your people and your property. Our access control systems give you the ability to grant and restrict access – no matter if you have a single-entry point or if you have multiple access points.

Video surveillance, verification, and analytics

Surveillance can help business owners track their businesses, regardless of where they are. Our video surveillance systems provide peace of mind, protecting your business and minimizing losses. With video verification services, motion-activated cameras alert a monitoring station that can then determine if police intervention is necessary.

Physical barrier solutions

Keeping unwanted or uninvited people out of your property can be crucial to maintaining the security of your buildings. Our physical barrier offerings – such as fencing, turnstiles, and vehicle gate systems – make it easier for you to control the traffic in and out of your property.

Additional security solutions

In addition to these electronic security offerings, Pavion also offers other security solutions to help keep your people – and buildings – safe. Our additional security offerings include thermal imaging, video & intercom entry solutions, emergency notification & lockdown systems, gun & gunshot detection, virtual guard & escort services, and intrusion detection.

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