Access Control Systems

Pavion crafts, implements, and maintains bespoke video surveillance systems, offering a smooth integration of services across various sectors and industries..

Parking Garage, Gate, and Loading Dock

Tailored for vehicle management, our systems enhance security and efficiency in parking garages, at entrance gates, and loading docks, ensuring orderly and secure vehicle access. This setup is ideal for managing vehicle flow in business settings, providing streamlined control over critical transport and delivery zones.

Commercial Electronic Security Systems & Services - Access Control

Front Door, Elevator and Staff Entrance

Specializing in access control for elevators, individual office rooms, and exclusive staff entrances, our solutions use key fobs and card access to maintain privacy and security. This approach is crucial in high-rise corporate buildings and expansive workspaces, ensuring access is restricted to authorized individuals.

Security System and Fire Alarm Monitoring Data Center and Tech Room

Control Panels & Management Software

Located in an IT closet or server room, the control panel is central to a commercial access control system, storing data and processing inputs from door readers. Alongside, the management software, either on-premise or cloud-based, allows businesses to manage access rights, track activity, and receive alerts, facilitating efficient user authentication and monitoring.

Pavion Expertise

Key Features

Our access control solutions lead in security technology, featuring high protection levels and ease of use. Each system is tailored to unique business needs, scalable for any business size. They’re user-friendly and integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure, embodying our dedication to secure, flexible, intuitive solutions.

Customized and Scalable Solutions

Combines custom security solutions with scalable systems, adaptable for any business size.

User-Friendly Integration

Focus on easy interfaces and seamless existing infrastructure integration.

AI-Powered Security Innovations

AI for advanced security insights, predictive analysis, and smart decision-making.

Embracing AI in Access Control Systems

Leading the way in incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into access control systems, transforming security solutions.

Key Features:

  • AI-Driven Automation
  • Behavioral Analysis
  • Enhanced Security
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Cost Savings

Industry Leadership:

  • Commitment to AI Integration
  • Benchmark Setting

Seamless Transition

Compatibility with Existing Infrastructure

We emphasize flawless integration of our state-of-the-art access control systems with your infrastructure. Our experts conduct thorough evaluations for a seamless transition, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

pavion office headquarters


Design and Installation Process

Our design and installation process is marked by meticulous planning and client-focused execution. We conduct comprehensive consultations, tailoring solutions to your environment, minimizing disruptions, and ensuring system functionality. Our designs incorporate future-ready security solutions.

Partnered Brands

We partner with leading brands, synonymous with quality and innovation. Our diverse product range meets varied client needs, ensuring effective solutions. These partnerships underline our commitment to high-quality security products.

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Maintenance and Repair Services

Dedicated to long-term system performance and reliability, we offer comprehensive maintenance programs and subscription services that reduce system downtime and keep them running efficiently.


Security and Technology Updates

In the evolving digital security landscape, we stay at the forefront. We update systems with the latest security measures, ensuring effectiveness against new threats. We provide regular updates and expert technology advice while updating systems with AI-driven security features for intelligent threat response.

Commercial Electronic Security Systems & Services Surveillance

Cost and Financing Options

We understand the importance of budget-friendly security solutions. Our transparent pricing and flexible financing options make our advanced systems accessible. We work with you to find a financial fit, ensuring high-quality security is affordable for all businesses.


Training & Support

In the realm of commercial electronic security, Pavion stands as an authoritative partner, ready to engage and empower your business on all fronts. From the moment we initiate training to the ongoing support we provide, our expertise becomes an integral part of your asset base. Our team, equipped with unmatched technical knowledge and a client-first mindset, is fully dedicated to ensuring your systems operate flawlessly, and our commitment extends to providing 24/7 support to guarantee uninterrupted system operations. We are more than just a service provider, we are a true partner in your success, proactively addressing challenges and adapting to your evolving needs. Choosing Pavion means gaining not just robust security solutions but also a confident ally dedicated to your operational excellence and business growth.

Effective Security Solutions

Tailored Solutions for Different Industries

Monitoring Services

Our monitoring services provide additional security layers, offering real-time surveillance and rapid response. This proactive approach to security ensures swift identification and resolution of potential threats, ensuring peace of mind.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Our Locations

Global Reach.
Local Service.

With over 60+ locations in the United States and serving 22 countries, Pavion continues to expand in order to connect and protect more customers around the world.


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