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In today’s dynamic and ever-changing business environment, the significance of effective communication and collaboration cannot be emphasized enough.

Empowering Collaboration with the Unified Conference Room Communication System by Pavion

Conference rooms and meeting spaces are at the heart of this need, serving as hubs for discussions, brainstorming sessions, presentations, and decision-making. To address the challenges faced by businesses in optimizing these spaces for enhanced communication and collaboration, Pavion is proud to introduce its innovative Unified Conference Room Communication System.

Unified Conference Room

The Unified Conference Room Communication System

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Video Display System

Featuring a commercial-grade 81-inch or 105-inch diagonal panoramic canvas with a 5K native resolution and a 21:9 aspect ratio. This display mounts to the wall or on a rack, allowing easy access to components behind it.

Audio Enhancement

A smart soundbar complements the system, equipped with beam-steering microphone elements to focus on voices and reject noise. Stereo speakers provide room-filling audio playback, and an integrated ultra-HD camera with auto framing enhances visual performance for Unified Collaboration software.


The system is designed for human interaction with an intuitive User Experience. It can be operated via direct touch on the display, through the proprietary software welcome screen, or using a wireless keyboard and mouse combination.

Display Stand

The system also comes with a Floor-to-Wall Display Stand designed for workspaces when hybrid collaboration is necessary in either open or closed spaces and can be secured to a wall if needed. The stand and display shroud are wrapped in silver-gray or charcoal-gray acoustic fabric to limit audio reverberation for the highest quality audio experience for local and remote participants. The display stand and components can be installed quickly and secured to the wall with minimal hardware and fasteners.

Conference Room System (CRS) Hardware Appliance

This hardware appliance optimizes the User Experience for conferences and collaboration. It offers intuitive access to a user’s daily workflow with customizable options, including ad-hoc laptop input, secure wireless presentation, integrated web browsing, whiteboard functionality, network file sharing, and integration with Unified Collaboration Software platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco WebEx, and Google Hangout.

At Pavion, we provide a solution that maximizes your experience while minimizing space requirements. The display stand is positioned less than six inches from the wall and occupies minimal space. It also comes with a one-inch leveling foot that allows accommodation of Wiremold OFR and Connectrac Raceways underneath. Our compact surge suppression and power conditioner further ensure the system’s reliability by safeguarding against surge spikes and brownouts.

Dedicated Microsoft Teams Room Integration

For businesses leveraging Microsoft Teams, Pavion’s communication solution offers integration with a native Microsoft Teams Room Experience. This dedicated assembly, including hardware appliances and tabletop touchscreen interfaces, aligns with the Microsoft Team Room ecosystem, providing a consistent user experience and seamless meeting joins.


Dedicated Zoom Room Integration

For businesses utilizing Zoom, Pavion’s communication solution provides integration with a native Zoom Room Experience. This dedicated assembly, which includes hardware appliances and tabletop touchscreen interfaces, is designed to complement the Zoom Room ecosystem, ensuring a uniform user experience and effortless meeting connections.

Conference room collaboration holds significant importance in today’s hybrid work environments for several key reasons:

  • Effective Communication
  • Idea Generation and Brainstorming
  • Decision-Making
  • Collaboration and Team Building
  • Training and Development
  • Technical Support and Troubleshooting
  • Hybrid Work Environments
  • Accountability
  • Cultural Alignment


Find out how we can bring clarity and equity to your hybrid meeting spaces.

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