Critical Communication

Healthcare Technologies

Effective communication is critical to patient care. That’s why we offer comprehensive solutions that enable medical professionals, staff, and patients to connect, share, and monitor information quickly and efficiently.


Customized Solutions

Our professional team of engineers, consultants, and user-experience experts will get to know your existing systems, facilities, and workflow and then create a customized solution for your hospital, nursing home, or medical office. Our technology and services make work flow more efficient increasing revenue and reducing expensive, while improving CSRT scores, patient experience, communications effectiveness, and staff retention.

Our Approach

Pavion’s user experience (UX) consultants work alongside you to develop the right solution for your needs. With backgrounds in LEAN Enterprise, SixSigma, and the healthcare industry, our consultants help ensure your success. Whether it’s reviewing workflow, tackling new hardware programming needs, software installation, or at-the-elbow support on go-live, we’ll be there every step of the way.

Our Systems

We know how important it is that systems work together. To that end, we offer systems that:

  • Integrate with existing sound systems
  • Broadcast emergency notifications or alerts
  • Integrate with fire alarm and smoke detection systems
  • Can be networked for multiple building systems
  • Are customizable to accommodate your unique requirements
  • Provide reporting and analytics for proactive improvement

Our Solutions

We take great pride in our ability to design and install a thoughtful, reliable solution.

Nurse Call Systems

Our nurse call solutions are intelligent communications and workflow systems that help healthcare facilities provide the best possible patient care, while fostering a productive and happy staff environment.

Patient Engagement Integration

We revolutionize the patient experience by leveraging cutting-edge technology to combine patient entertainment, education, and communication.

Staff, Patient and Equipment Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS)

With the power to locate patients, staff, and mobile equipment in real-time, hospitals can make substantial improvements in their clinical processes for optimized patient flow, improved care and safer, happier patients and staff. Business intelligence can deliver situational awareness, infection risk mitigation, improved staff and patient safety, and a strong ROI.

Software Solutions for Patient Flow

Activity reporting software with HL-7 compatibility to integrate hospital ADT systems.

Area-of Refuge Solutions

Protect your occupants and be code compliant. ADA requires areas of rescue assistance or places of refuge where people can wait for emergency personnel to arrive.

Wireless Emergency Call Systems for Senior Living Facilities

Technology that delivers peace of mind to seniors in independent and assisted living environments. Cost effective, wireless devices provide the senior residents safety measures for when help is needed. These communities can also leverage the same technology to provide a multitude of other alarms, monitoring, evacuation/lockdown warnings, and many more.

Hospital and Campus-Wide Multi-Zoned Public Address

In a hospital, paging systems simply have to work. Multiple zones of networked paging, messaging, and background music allow staff members to hear vital messages without interference. Decentralized, monitored networks eliminate any single point of potential system failure and quick resolution of any problems.

Patient Wandering Protection Systems

At-risk residents or patients are protected and secure in senior living and long term care facilities.

Customized Waiting Areas, Operating Rooms, and Collaboration Areas

We provide specialized audio, video, and paging systems in addition to sound masking for designated areas for public waiting, procedures, or collaboration.

Commercial Fire Alarm System Designs

Connect with Pavion

Pavion can span across fire, security, and integration to simplify the needs of our customers. Ready to learn how we can help?