Our heroes critical lifeline in critical moments

Fire, police and emergency responders risk their lives to keep our buildings, people, and communities safe. They deserve connection and protection in every moment. That’s why we developed Bravelink™, an end-to-end BDA monitoring solution. It empowers these courageous individuals with their most crucial asset: clear communication.


Bravelink: The Solution for Safety and Efficiency

The need for robust communication and safety systems in buildings cannot be overstated. Bravelink™ offers a cutting-edge solution that not only safeguards our valued first responders but also provides tangible benefits to building owners, contractors, and compliance officers. This dual focus ensures that while first responders receive clear, reliable communication during critical moments, decision-makers reap the benefits of a system that enhances building safety and compliance while optimizing operational costs.

Bravelink™ stands as a beacon of protection for first responders, offering them the clarity and reliability needed to perform their duties efficiently and safely. By ensuring seamless communication, Bravelink helps first responders navigate emergencies with confidence, reducing risks and improving outcomes for all involved.

Concurrently, Bravelink™ addresses the practical concerns of building owners and managers. It streamlines maintenance and compliance processes, pinpointing issues before they escalate into costly problems. This proactive approach not only meets but sets new standards in building safety, ensuring compliance with local regulations without necessitating extensive expenditures.

By integrating Bravelink™ into their safety systems, decision-makers not only contribute to the safety of first responders but also enhance their operational efficiency, creating a safer, more cost-effective environment for everyone. Bravelink™ is not just a product; it is a commitment to both heroism and practicality, embodying a comprehensive approach to building safety and communication.

Exact Identification When You Need to Be Exactly Right

  • Get an at-a-glance system status for monitoring and reporting
  • Patented 24/7 supervision technology ensures signal clarity and precise identification, even in critical moments
  • Monitor all BDA systems in real time

Cost-Efficient Optimization From End to End

  • Long-term cost efficiency and adaptability
  • Custom-made in-house for optimized solutions
  • 50+ years of delivering life safety solutions
  • Maintained performance over the life of the equipment
  • Automatic service to meet changing regulatory standards

Adaptive to Change and Ready For Life

  • Agile solution with comprehensive coverage that evolves with the building’s needs
  • Supports multiple BDAs in a single solution
  • Adapts to changing infrastructure and compliance standards

Active Status With Proactive Service

  • Delivers a plug-in solution with continuous premium service
  • Ensures real-time identification and supervision
  • Sets the standard in BDA systems

Emergency Coverage for First Responders

Buildings that typically require BDA/DAS systems encompass a broad range, including but not limited to:

  • Airport Terminals
  • Business Offices
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Convention Centers
  • Educational Institutions
  • Event Venues
  • Government Buildings
  • Hospitality Venues
  • Hospitals & Medical Centers
  • Industrial Sites
  • Parking Facilities
  • Ports
  • Residential Complexes
  • Retail Centers
  • Senior Living Communities
  • Sports and Entertainment Arenas

Pavion’s Bravelink™ solution ensures a reliable and efficient code-compliant system.


Unmatched Industry Expertise

Our team has a long history with fire communication infrastructure systems. Our technicians have vast industry knowledge and have worked on the leading fire protection manufacturers’ systems. That means we can understand your current systems and build a comprehensive plan for your needs.


Comprehensive BDA Solutions for Your Facility

Our certified team at Pavion will conduct an on-site evaluation to assess the unique needs of your building, ensuring our system design reflects its distinct characteristics.

  • Code Compliant Consultation ensures your building meets all BDA system codes.
  • Expert Installation offers comprehensive design and installation services. Pavion’s experienced team ensures your project is on time and within budget.
  • Test and Inspection Services extend beyond installation. Pavion provides maintenance and inspections to ensure your BDA system functions properly, giving peace of mind during emergencies.

Partnered Brands

We partner with leading brands, synonymous with quality and innovation. Our diverse product range meets varied client needs, ensuring effective solutions. These partnerships underline our commitment to high-quality security products.

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