Pavion Women’s History Month (Ep. 3)

In this episode of the Pavion Women’s History Month Podcast, we feature Robin Nishiyama, Pavion Integration BU Director of Healthcare/Education Solutions, Kristina VanderBrink, Pavion Integration BU Southeast Regional Sales Director at Pavion, and Susan Post, Pavion Chief Strategy and Integration Officer.

Robin has a long history with our company, 24 and a half years to be exact. Kristina is approaching her one year anniversary and is excited to see how the company has transformed in such a short time.

Robin doesn’t recall running into many obstacles based on gender in her professional career.  She said, “times have changed, and it isn’t the way it used to be,” when asked to speak on gender bias in construction.

Kristina has been in construction as a designer for 23 years. She advised that when she was involved in the design process she felt respected, but the second she walked into the job site, and she felt like she had to work hard to earn the right to be there.

Decision makers are changing and evolving.  Today, our team doesn’t feel the need to justify holding their place as a woman in the field. However, Kristina said, “It truly is an awesome challenge, being able to surprise people, and then generate results in the field.”

Susan expands on the team’s confidence by saying “We believe in our voice and we possess the knowledge of the business. In today’s world we approach situations with confidence and come to solutions collaboratively.”

Dr. Shirley Jackson is the inventor highlighted during this episode. Shirley Jackson was a huge contributor and inventor of telecommunications. Some of her developments include the portable fax, touch tone telephone, solar cells, fiber optic cables, and the technology behind caller ID and call waiting.

Telecommunications connect people, which is what we do as a company. Connecting people is important at Pavion. Technology and communication allow us to work from anywhere, and Robin talked on her love for technology, thanking Shirley Jackson. Per Robin, “Many customers are excited by changing technologies, and it is our job to change with our customers, as they change on how they want to connect with each other.”

Susan Post states, “At Pavion we describe our mission of protecting and connecting, and these connections are constantly evolving. The women of Pavion are excited to encourage other women to become a part of history.  Early on, seek out mentors to help guide you through your career, and when the time comes, make yourself available to be a mentor.  It makes all the difference.”

Pavion Connects and Protects Upscale Virginia Apartments

Once Cortland Property Management purchased a premium residential building and then combined it with another property to create what is now known as the Cortland Rosslyn, our two companies started working together in April 2022. The goal of Cortland, a vertically integrated firm that invests in, develops, and manages multifamily properties, is to provide residents with exceptional apartment living experiences. Cortland operates more than 250 apartment communities and has direct or indirect investments in them.

Cortland Property Management owns and operates approximately 85,000 units across the United States. After purchasing two properties last year in Arlington, Virginia, coordination of the buildings’ access control and security systems was one of the first tasks Cortland Property Management undertook after. Cortland boosted security and the quality of life for their inhabitants by collaborating with Pavion to establish its own network and assure coordination between its access control and video surveillance systems.

Installing Brivo access control systems in both sites, which provide cloud-based access and allow Cortland to give mobile permits to residents, was one of the project’s essential components. “This is cutting-edge, since a lot of other developers are still using standard prox, cards and key fobs,” said Dan McKinney, Integration BU Account Executive. Residents can utilize their current iPhones and mobile credentials to access facilities thanks to this. Pavion also installed additional high-definition IP Avigilon video surveillance cameras throughout both facilities. The integrator was also on site during the building ownership cutover, setting up internal networks and showing the new IT team how to use and train staff on the Brivo system.

Cortland Rosslyn now has an ongoing relationship with Pavion for their future acquisitions moving forward, giving them the ability to deliver the same quality solutions to their acquired properties. Their expansion moves up and down the east coast through not only Virginia, but Florida and the Carolinas as well. Pavion is offering companies like Cortland Rosslyn more resources for support in fire, security, integration, and AV solutions with 40+ locations throughout the east coast.

To read more about this project click here.

Pavion Women’s History Month (Ep. 2)

The next episode of our Pavion Women’s History Month podcast features Susan Post, Pavion Chief Strategy and Integration Officer, Sandy Wolf, Service Manager of The Protection Bureau, a Pavion Company, and Tennille Quinones, Director of Operations of Firecom, a Pavion Company.

In celebration of women’s history month, these three strong women reflect on their journey to advance their careers to the distinguished levels they’ve achieved at Pavion. Sandy Wolf has 33 years of experience in the security industry and has been an employee of The Protection Bureau (TPB), A Pavion Company, for 21 years. She held almost all positions possible in the operations department at TPB and is well versed in operations given the steppingstones she took leading up to her current Service Manager position. Tennille Quinones has been at Firecom, A Pavion Company, for 17 years. She began as a receptionist and worked her way through every administrative position to later reach her current Director of Operations position.

Susan, Sandy, and Tennille all recall wanting to do more than their past positions required of them.
Overcoming adversity is a theme in the professional careers of many women. Roadblocks are bound to appear. For example Tennille recalled an instance when an electrician called and refused to speak to her because she was female. She grew from this experience and knew she had to grow thick skin and make sure she didn’t take no for an answer.

Sandy heard that there was an open position, walked into her manager’s office and said, “If you give me the opportunity, I will make you proud.” Her manager replied with “What took you so long?” Sandy gained confidence in herself after this encounter. “It shows that if you want something, you have to go get it yourself, instead of waiting around for an opportunity.”
During this episode, Susan had flashbacks to memories from the past 25 years. When she was awarded General Manager of the Year, she overheard somebody say, “it’s a woman?” It was ironic hearing how surprised people in the crowd were about a woman winning this award.

Lifting others up when working on a team is crucial. Women supporting women and traditionally celebrating team wins is critically important. We are here to support, recognize, and pave a path forward.
In every episode of this series, we also highlight a female inventor that impacted our industry, and this episode’s inventor is Hedy Lamarr. Hedy Lamarr is dubbed “the mother of Wi-Fi” and other wireless communications like GPS. GPS and other wireless communications are widely used in society today. With what we do as an organization, systems have changed and we are so reliant on this technology.

A major takeaway from this episode is that you can be an ordinary person, but with determination and commitment, we can make extraordinary impacts every day.
We are extremely proud to have extraordinary women like Susan, Sandy, and Tennille working at Pavion. They make a big difference at our company and continue to make a big difference for other women at Pavion and around the world.

Pavion Ranked #44 on Inc. 5000 Regionals 2023: Mid-Atlantic List

Inc. 5000 annually ranks the fastest growing companies in America, showing those private companies who prevailed in times of an uncertain economy. We are proud to be ranked #44 of the of the rapidly growing companies on this list.

The companies on the 2023 Inc. 5000 fastest-growing list were selected according to percentage revenue growth. The list recognizes the innovative achievements of companies in generating sustainable growth and jobs and is an esteemed honor to receive.

The Mid-Atlantic Region companies on this list had a median two-year revenue growth percentage of 149%, Pavion’s revenue growth was at 273%. Altogether the 142 companies on this list added 14,439 jobs to the economy and had $3.9 Billion total in revenue.

Pavion is extremely grateful for this ranking, and we are looking forward to continued rapid growth over the next year!

To see the Inc. 5000 Regionals 2023 Lists, click here.

Pavion Celebrates Women’s History Month

In March of 2023, Pavion launched a new podcast series in honor of Women’s History Month. Through this series, we reflect and learn about the women who shaped important aspects of our society and delivered technology innovations in our space.  We review their adversity, their drive, and their determination to overcome challenges, make impacts in the world, and celebrate the wins. We specifically recognize the women of Pavion, what they do in their day-to-day work life, and the strides they make every day to impact Pavion and our customers.

Our company is all about connecting and protecting people.  CSIO Susan Post and CFO Silvi Hernandez have developed a connected community of talented and strong women that help to propel our business forward and meet our objectives of delivering connection and protection to our customers and their people.

In this podcast series, you will hear from extremely talented, passionate, and inspirational women. While they are appreciated throughout the year at Pavion, we believe they absolutely deserve a month-long spotlight! Many don’t realize the contributions women have made to the fire, security, integration, operations, finance, and other aspects of our industry.  Throughout the series, Susan, Michelle, and other Pavion employees discuss how far women have progressed and look back at some of the inventions in use to this day.  It’s a very eye-opening and a great learning experience.

To kick off the first episode, Pavion podcast host Michelle Dawn Mooney speaks with Susan Post, Chief Strategy and Integration Officer (CSIO) of Pavion.

At Pavion, we are excited to bring inspiring women to light and demonstrate our appreciation for them. Susan Post is a figure in our organization highly respected and admired.

Reflecting on her background, Susan recalls a couple different times when individuals said she wasn’t a prime candidate because she “may or may not know how to calculate a battery calculation,” or “doesn’t have the sales experience to excel in that.”  Thankfully, there were also individuals that encouraged and gave her the confidence to succeed.

Susan has reached many great milestones throughout her career.  She always remembers to look back and pull forward, helping and inspiring others to achieve their goals.  Susan tells the story of being one of the few women among hundreds of men in meetings, securing positions not typically filled by women, and continually executing and driving success while pulling others forward along with her.  “We deserve a seat at the table, and at Pavion, women are given that opportunity and have a voice,” said Susan.

Overcoming challenges by working hard and staying true to herself is exactly what Susan did throughout the years. She built and maintained strong relationships, while staying accessible and being transparent.  Susan said, “Whether you work hard, are the brightest in the room, or have the best ideas… you need to be confident in who you are and have faith.” It’s important to recognize the women that set precedents before us, the women that are making achievements ahead of us, and the great contributions that happen every day.  We hope you enjoy this series and appreciate the women of Pavion as we do. 

Pavion Acquires Netronix Integration

Pavion is thrilled to welcome Netronix Integration to our Security Business Unit, becoming our thirteenth legacy brand.

Since 2007, Netronix has offered design, installation and support for video surveillance, intercom and access control systems across the US and Internationally.  Based in San Jose, California, Netronix is a leading security integration and service provider for various industry verticals including education, tech, healthcare, critical infrastructure and public utilities.

Netronix and Pavion share a mission to build long-term relationships and grow with customers. Craig Jarrett, Co-Founder and President of Netronix, believes that our mission alignment is what brought the two companies together.

Netronix has offices in northern and southern California, Denver, Austin, Dallas, Ireland, India, and the United Kingdom. The acquisition of Netronix allows Pavion to continue providing world-class services, while showing the world how the security integration and services business can be done better.

For the full press release click here.

Pavion Expands Security BU with Netronix Integration and Turnkey Technology Acquisitions

Just this week, Pavion closed back-to-back deals in the acquisition of two companies. The company is growing rapidly, making strides around the globe. The recent acquisitions of Turnkey Technology and Netronix Integration brought Pavion to a total of 13 legacy brands within the Fire, Security, and Integration Business Units (BU). Both Turnkey and Netronix are additions to the Security BU.

A central focus of Pavion’s strategic growth is to better serve customers from more locations across the world generating a best-in-class customer experience or, what the company terms, Pavion Experience (PX).

The quickly growing Pavion provides customers more options for Fire, Security and Integration services across their enterprise.

Turnkey Technology is based in Cincinnati, OH, which expanded the geographic footprint of Pavion into the Midwest Region of the US. Netronix Integration’s headquarters is in San Jose, CA, with US office locations in Colorado and Texas, as well as international office locations in Ireland, India, and the UK.

Customers will benefit from this major expansion in many ways. Pavion’s best-in-class products and services allow better protection and connection for customers and their businesses. Providing better outcomes for customers will give them faster and more efficient ways to protect and connect their people, data, and assets.

See below for more information about our most recent acquisitions:

Turnkey Technology

Netronix Integration

Pavion Acquires Turnkey Technology, LLC in Security BU Expansion

Pavion is happy to welcome Turnkey Technology, LLC to our growing Security Business Unit.

Established in Cincinnati, OH in 2016, Turnkey delivers video surveillance, access control, fire alarm, structured cabling, networking and wireless solutions for enterprise, manufacturing, and K-12 customers.

Turnkey launched their company to give customers a single source for enhanced fire, security, integration technology, along with installation and service according to founder, Eric Anevski. “The business was built with a simple get the job done right mentality,” said Anevski.

Our Connect and Protect portfolio strategy is aligned with Turnkey’s company values. Turnkey’s skilled employees lead by example, while properly supporting customers and maintaining relationships.

This acquisition further enhances our resources in supporting strategic customers in the Midwest US Territory.

For the full press release click here.

Pavion is actively seeking acquisitions of businesses within the fire, security and integration spaces. If you own a business in these respective areas and would like to enquire about the process of acquisition, please head over to our Mergers and Acquisition page for more info.

With this acquisition, Pavion is now prepared to service businesses even better in the Midwest. If you would like to enquire about our fire, security and integration services and how we can help bring clarity to complexity for your organization, contact us today!

Pavion Recognized as 2023 NSCA Excellence in Business Award Winner

The National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA) has announced the winners of the 2023 Excellence in Business Awards.

Pavion has been recognized as one of the award winners for its exceptional work in providing cutting-edge solutions to its clients. The award celebrates businesses in the commercial technology industry that demonstrate excellence in business practices, growth, and innovation.

To read more about the award, please follow the link to the full article.

NSCA Announces 2023 Excellence in Business Awards

Pavion Announces Promotion of Susan Post to Chief Strategy and Integration Officer

We are thrilled to announce that Susan Post, a proven leader and senior member of the Pavion executive team, has been promoted to the position of Chief Strategy and Integration Officer. Susan made significant impact to Pavion immediately upon joining the business and remains vital to our continued growth while she helps Pavion deliver an industry leading customer experience.

As Chief Strategy and Integration Officer, Susan is responsible for driving the company’s overall strategy and ensuring our business units work together seamlessly. She will lead the company’s efforts to identify and capitalize on new growth opportunities, while ensuring we continuously improve our operations and processes.
Susan’s deep understanding of the industry and her ability to think creatively and outside of the box will be invaluable in this new role. She has a proven track record of delivering results and we are confident that she will be able to lead the company to even greater success in the future.

Pavion is committed to fostering a culture of growth and development, and Susan’s promotion is a testament to that commitment. We believe that our employees are our greatest asset and we are dedicated to providing them with the opportunities and resources they need to succeed.

Susan’s promotion is a testament to her hard work, dedication and the outstanding contributions she has made to the company. We are excited to see what the future holds for her and for Pavion.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Susan for her contributions and dedication to the company, and we look forward to working with her in her new role. Please join us in congratulating Susan on this well-deserved promotion.