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Emergency Radio Repeater Systems

It starts with understanding who you are and what your immediate needs are. Select from the below profiles for a custom curated experience:

General Contractor or Building Owner New to BDA SystemsGeneral Contractor or Building Owner Familiar with BDA SystemsAHJ or Building Engineer Looking for a Reliable Site Survey Partner

Pavion Expertise

Pavion’s First Responder Systems

Pavion’s BDA/DAS/ARCS First Responder Systems transform building safety with state-of-the-art communication technologies tailored for first responders. These systems enhance your building’s safety infrastructure, integrating seamlessly with existing safety measures to provide comprehensive coverage and support in critical situations.

Fire alarm company

Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA) Solutions

Signal boosters that sustain in-building two-way radio communications throughout an entire facility.

Engineer check generator pump controller for water sprinkler piping and fire protection system

Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

A group of antennas placed throughout the structure to boost signal coverage.

A man with a hardhat and safety vest walking on scaffolding - Pavion Fire Safety, Integration, and Security

Auxiliary Radio Communication Systems (ARCS)

A signal-boosting solution designed to enhance in-building radio frequency (RF) signal coverage for public safety radios.

For General Contractor & Building Owners

New to BDA Systems?

Are you a General Contractor or Building Owner unsure about the necessity of a BDA system? Ensuring reliable communication for emergency responders in your building is not just a regulatory requirement but a crucial safety measure. Pavion can help you navigate these requirements and enhance your building’s safety. Provide your contact information to:

  • Schedule a complimentary site survey.
  • Receive an assessment of your building’s compliance with AHJ requirements.
  • Learn about potential communication gaps and solutions.


Exceptional Knowledge
& Service

We bring industry-leading knowledge of fire communication systems and best-in-class customer service to every job. With multiple members of our team advising the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and technicians operating at the highest certification levels, we pair our expertise with a collaborative approach to develop the best protective solution for you.

Systems Integration for Businesses and Companies

For General Contractor & Building Owners

We Understand Your Top Priority

Are you a General Contractor or Building Owner who understands the critical need for a BDA system? Ensuring uninterrupted communication for first responders is your top priority. Pavion is here to partner with you to enhance your building’s safety and compliance with minimal hassle. Contact us today to schedule a comprehensive site survey and receive:

  • Expert evaluation of your current communication infrastructure.
  • Detailed implementation plan tailored to your building’s needs.
  • Assurance of meeting all local AHJ requirements.

Pavion Expertise

Comprehensive BDA Solutions for Your Facility

Our certified team at Pavion will conduct an on-site evaluation to assess the unique needs of your building, ensuring our system design reflects its distinct characteristics.

  • Code Compliant Consultation ensures your building meets all BDA system codes. Pavion guarantees compliance with government mandates.
  • Expert Installation offers comprehensive design and installation services. Pavion’s experienced team ensures your project is on time and within budget.
  • Test and Inspection Services extend beyond installation. Pavion provides maintenance and inspections to ensure your BDA system functions properly, giving peace of mind during emergencies.
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For AHJ & Building Engineers

Your Site Survey Partner

As an AHJ or Building Engineer, you recognize the need for a robust BDA system but require a reliable partner for guidance and implementation. Pavion specializes in providing comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific requirements. By reaching out to us, you can:

  • Schedule a detailed site survey with our expert team.
  • Obtain a clear, actionable plan to meet all regulatory requirements.
  • Ensure seamless communication capabilities for first responders in your building.